Romex PFM Gmbh rank among the leading manufacturers of paving grout based synthetic resin. 25 years of research and development , consulting and services have contributed to ROMEX grouts being established World Wide.

Romex Easy

Romex Easy - 1 Component pavement fixing mortar, ready to use

  • for pedestrian loads
  • for joint widths from 5mm
  • for joint depths from 30 mm
  • highly water permeable
  • mixed ready to use, vacuum packed
  • can be applied during drizzle
  • no longer necessary to cover surface during drizzle
  • improved, water compatible formula

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Romex D1


Romex paving fixing mortars are tailored to meet the most varied requirement and form the basis of a strong clean paved stone joint.

The quick and easy to use products have many advantages , especially for use within inner city areas. With ROMPOX D1 , the proven 2 component epoxy resin pavement fixing mortar for medium traffic loads, it will be no longer a problem to joint slabs clearly and permanently without having to over stretch your budget. Romex pavement fixing mortars are proven to be long lasting throughout whole stretches of paving .

The slabs in pedestrian zones can be joined just as well as jointing on heavily trafficked areas and regardless of where the slabs you want to joint are situated, you can always be sure to achieve a clean result with no cement residue. You no longer have to worry about frost damage or washing out joints, as all products are frost de icing salt street-sweeping resistant, in addition weeds are no longer able to take hold ensuring a permanently visually attractive jointed surface.  If you value a good visual result , easy and environmentally friendly construction methods, then use ROMEX pavement fixing mortars for jointing your slabs.

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Romex D2000

Romex D2000 - 2 component epoxy resin pavement fixing mortar

  • for medium to heavy traffic loads
  • for joint widths from 5mm
  • for joint depths from 30 mm (with traffic loads 2/3 height of stone)
  • slightly water permeable
  • self compacting
  • water emulsifiable
  • high strength
  • can be applied during drizzle
  • no need to cover surface during drizzle
  • quick re-opening to traffic

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Romex Sealant and Colour Enhancer

Romex Colour Enhancer

The special solution for the refining and visual improvement of paving to make them water and dirt repellent. It enhances the structure and the colour of the paving , improving the visual effect long term.

The paving surfaces have a more intense and refined colour after application.

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