Cobbles both Riven and Tumbled

A Range of Colour ways in both Sandstone and Limestone

Beautifully pre mixed muted colours crafted and graded to create a strikingly impressive drive, the cobbles come in four sizes and will enhance the both modern and classical properties.


Hand Dressed Cobble Setts

Hand dressed cobble setts - are natural faced sandstone setts with a straight hand dressed edge. We bring our cobbles in at 50mm calibrated for fast and easy laying.


Limestone Drive Collection

Limestone Drive Collection - ranges from a modern looking hand dressed black limestone sett to the sawn block paving setts of forest and arctic vintage. All 50mm calibrated for quick and easy laying. 


Antiqued Tumbled Cobble Setts

Antiqued Tumbled Cobble Setts - are tumbled for a soft, smooth texture and calibrated to 50mm for quick and easy laying.


Calibrated Sandstone Block Paving

Calibrated Sandstone Block Paving - 4 side sawn and 3 times tumbled our block paving setts really are a grade A product. The sawn sides give the setts a clean cut look whilst the natural surfaces gives great texture. Recommended for driveways.

Sizes include:

150mm x 150mm

200mm x 150mm

250mm x 150mm

300mm x 150mm


Granite Setts

Granite Setts - are a hard wearing material often used in a contemporary landscape or driveway.